How to start GPU mining in India | Detailed guide to professional mining 2022

Are you looking to earn from crypto mining? Do you want to know how crypto mining works? Are you looking to mine crypto at the professional level? Do you want to know different terms in crypto mining?

Then you are at the right place in this blog post we are going to see how to mine crypto at the professional level? If you are a beginner and do not have any idea related to crypto, you can also read this blog post.

Many people find crypto mining very interesting as it looks very cool and gives you a techy feel. But many people do not know some fundamental principles of crypto.

So I promise you by reading this blog post you will get all guides related to how you can start crypto mining from beginner level to professional level?

What is crypto & crypto mining?

Nowadays everyone wants to earn extra income. Especially passive income. There are many ways to earn passive income. Minning and trading crypto is the best way to generate passive income.

It is not very much hard to start earning from crypto mining. But what is mining? As the name suggests it is not mining like gold, diamond, etc. In simple words, crypto mining is solving mathematical equations in order to do crypto transitions with the help of a CPU or GPU.

You can mine crypto with the help of CPU as well as GPU. In this blog post, we are going to see how to start crypto mining with the help of graphics guards.

Mining crypto with the help of graphics cards can be considered professional mining. You can invest 50K to above and start crypto mining. The more you invest in GPU and other components more you will get profits.

You can start from 50K and go towards establishing a crypto mine of lakhs and earn more than 1,00,000 rs monthly. There are many people in India who are earning more than 1 Lakhs per month with the help of crypto mining.

Who can start crypto mining?

I hope that you understand what is crypto mining. Now let’s see who can start crypto mining. You do not any educational qualifications to start crypto mining.

Just you need little knowledge of crypto and some concepts in crypto mining which I am going to tell you in this blog post. So don’t worry about that.

Second, you need a good investment to start crypto mining. If you want to mine crypto coins at a professional level then you need to invest a lot. If you do not have a good budget then you cannot start crypto mining.

So if you have the knowledge, investment, and some basic resources then you can start crypto mining now.

Is it beneficial to mine crypto?

This question is very important before starting crypto mining. You are investing a good amount of money as well as your time and energy so it’s your right to know the answer to this question.

In India crypto is legal. So mining crypto is legal in India. If you are mining crypto coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc then you can get good returns. The present and future of crypto mining are bright and it is a reliable source of passive income until crypto bans in India.

How to mine crypto with the help of GPUs ( GPU Mining )

It’s not very hard to mine crypto you just need to order some mining equipment from Amazon or from an offline market & assemble and your work is done.

Step 1) Go to amazon.

Step 2) Order mining equipment that you need to mine crypto coins that are as follows:

  • GPU’s.
  • Motherboards.
  • RAM.
  • Power supply unit.
  • Single monitor ( multiple according to mine size )
  • etc

Step 3) Now you need a wallet. Open an account on Awesome Miner, BFGMiner, etc

Step 4) Now assemble the crypto rig you can watch the following video to know more:

Advantages & Disadvantages of mining crypto

Low transition cost.The rising cost of mining.
Secure & private.Electricity consumption.
Decentralized.Environment Damage.
No interference with the central bank.Implementation problems.

Things you should consider if you have to mine crypto

  • ALGORITHM: Set of numerical guidelines, which are coded by a PC programming and utilized by it, to deliver the needed result.

  • ASIC: The Application-Specific Integrated Circuit is mining equipment exceptionally made to mine Bitcoin. ASIC gadgets can be utilized to mine other crypto coins too.

  • BLOCK REWARD: An approach to empowering the excavator who effectively checks a block. The confirmation of blockchain exchanges makes new currencies, where a piece of that sum is gathered by the digger as a prize.

  • COMPATIBLE WALLET:  A cryptocurrency wallet that supports a particular coin.

  • COMPUTATIONAL/COMPUTING POWER: How fast a machine can do an operation.

  • CONFIGURATION: The arrangement of a framework or the plan of its components. It can include equipment, programming, or a mix of them.

  • DESKTOP WALLET: Software installed on the computer to mine crypto.

  • GPU: Stands for Graphics processing unit & can mine more than one coin.

  • HASH RATE: The working out force of a gadget is estimated in hashes each second. Each hash rate is a made block that is tried against the organization.

How much money can we earn from crypto mining?

It is not constant. It depends on multiply factors like the condition of the market, hash rates, and competition. If you are a beginner then you need to wait for some months to get your income back.

As you covered your investment your actual income starts. You should also think of your electricity bill. Simply your profit depends upon:

  • Power consumption.
  • Hash rates.
  • Condition of the market ( up or down )
  • Money invested in hardware. ( Quantity and quality of the hardware. )
  • Crypto you are mining.
  • When you are selling crypto ( Try to hold and sell when the price is high )


How much can we earn from crypto mining?

Mining profit depends upon hash rates and market conditions.

Which is the best coin for mining?

You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc

Which is more profitable cloud mining or mining with hardware?

Mining with hardware is much more profitable than cloud mining.


I hope that you got all information on how you can start professional mining or how you can do GPU mining. If you liked the above information, you can share this blog post with your friends who want to start crypto mining.

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