20+ RBI Registered safe personal loan apps in 2022

There are very less RBI Registered safe personal loan apps in 2022. But by

using RBI-registered personal loan apps increases the mutual trust between loan taker and provider.

If the app is registered by RBI then that app wants to provide genuine service.

So if we want to take a loan then we should take a personal loan from the rbi verified app.

As we all know that there are many fake loan apps in the market which are just created to take the personal information of the user.

By reading this blog post you can identify the difference between fake and real online loan providers.

Also, you will get a list of the best online personal loan providers which can help you to get a personal loan fast without compromising your safety.

40+ RBI Registered safe personal loan apps

In India taking a personal loan is very easy. Especially taking a personal loan from an online loan app is as simple as booking a movie ticket online!

Here is a list of 20+ RBI Registered safe personal loan apps that can give personal loans between 1,000 to 1,00,000 rupees:

  1. Money View Loans
  2. LoanTap
  3. EarlySalary
  4. FlexSalary
  5. StashFin
  6. KreditBee
  7. LoansJagat
  8. IndiaLends
  9. LoanFrame
  10. Loanzen
  11. ZestMoney
  12. AasaanJobs Salary Advance
  13. CreditMantri
  14. mPokket
  15. Credy
  16. LoanCircle
  17. PayMe India
  18. QuickLoans
  19. PaySense
  20. Faircent
  21. IndiaMoneyMart
  22. HomeCredit
  23. MoneyInMinutes
  24. Loan Singh
  25. Rubique
  26. Capital First
  27. Bajaj Finserv
  28. Fullerton India
  29. Shubh Loans
  30. Aditya Birla Finance
  31. Tata Capital
  32. HDBFS
  33. Avanse
  34. IIFL
  35. Lendingkart
  36. InCred
  37. Fincare
  38. Shriram City Union Finance
  39. Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company
  40. Bajaj Finance
  41. Mahindra Finance
  42. Manappuram Finance
  43. Muthoot Finance
  44. PNB Housing Finance
  45. Shriram Transport Finance
  46. Sundaram Finance
  47. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
  48. Equitas Small Finance Bank
  49. Jana Small Finance Bank
  50. UGRUPA Microfinance
  51. Arohan Financial Services
  52. Asirvad Microfinance
  53. Equitas Holdings
  54. Janalakshmi Financial Services
  55. Ujjivan Financial Services
  56. Bandhan Bank
  57. Fincare Small Finance Bank

Advantages of using RBI Registered safe personal loan apps

There are multiple advantages to using RBI-registered personal loan apps.

  1. These apps are more secure.
  2. No tension of data loss.
  3. Gives you instant credit.
  4. Fewer interest rates.
  5. More transparent.
  6. They follow more rules & regulations of RBI.

How to identify fake loan apps?

We should have the skill to identify between what is fake & real. On the internet, it is a little bit difficult to identify scams.

So I am going to provide an important checklist that can help us to identify fake loan apps.

Also by following these points you can identify any scam on the internet:

  1. App asking for high processing fees.
  2. The app is promising to give very high credit.
  3. The app does not have any reviews.
  4. App charging more than 40% interest rates.
  5. Apps’ digital space ( website ) is poorly designed.
  6. App asking for extra money before crediting the loan into your account.
  7. The app is 100% in your favor. ( If the personal loan is offering you 0% interest rates, high credit, without meeting terms & conditions, etc )
  8. Not available on genuine stores like the play store or app store.
  9. Asking for your UPI, phone pay wallet pin.

If you want the list of apps which has been caught doing the above actions then you can check the following link:

Fake personal loan apps.


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