RBI BANNED LOAN APP LIST: There are thousands of online loan provider apps on the internet that promises to give loan directly to your bank account.

These types of apps are helping many users in their bad times & also saving their time going to banks.

These apps provide personal loans between 1000 – 50,000 ( RS approx ) this amount can be helpful to do small financial work.

Even a lack of 1000 rs can postpone important work. But there are some apps on the play store which are wasting the time of users by not giving loans.

These apps just want the data of users or take extra money as processing fees.

In this blog post, we are going to see apps that are not legal, banned in India, or a list of fraudulent online personal loan apps.


  1. Cash Host
  2. Mobile Cash
  3. Easy Credit
  4. Store Loan
  5. Metro Finance
  6. Gold Cash
  7. Rupi Smart
  8. Money Tree
  9. Loan Fortune
  10. Cash Park
  11. Jojo cash
  12. Flash Rupi
  13. Income Loan
  14. Live cash
  15. Sun cash
  16. Magic Money
  17. Bright cash
  18. Unit cash
  19. Sunny Loan
  20. Royal cash
  21. Marvel Cash
  22. Sharp cash
  23. Cash Fish
  24. Voice Loan
  25. Rupic buzz
  26. Rupic fenta
  27. M Pocket
  28. Money Pocket
  29. Express Loan
  30. Apple cash
  31. Hu cash
  32. Loan dream
  33. cash cola
  34. Fash rupi
  35. Income Ok
  36. cash Advance
  37. Angle loan app
  38. Rush loan app
  39. Quick Loan app
  40. Krazy cash
  41. Jo cash
  42. Sky Loan
  43. Loan sathi
  44. Orange loan
  45. wallet pai
  46. Cash hole
  47. Newly updated app list is as follows:

1. Avant

2. Earnin

3. Payoff

4. Prosper

5. Upstart

6. LendingClub

7. SoFi

8. Avant

9. OneMain Financial

10. FreedomPlus

11. LightStream

12. Marcus by Goldman Sachs

13. Discover

14. Citizens Bank

15. SunTrust

16. Navy Federal Credit Union

17. American Express

18. Wells Fargo

19. Chase

20. U.S. Bank

21. PNC Bank

22. Regions Bank

23. TD Bank

24. SunTrust

25. Fifth Third Bank

26. KeyBank

27. HSBC

28. Capital One

29. Santander Bank

30. BB&T

31. M&T Bank

32. Ally Bank

33. Huntington Bank

34. USBank

35. Bank of America

36. Citi

37. WebBank

38. Barclays

39. Aspire Money

40. MoneyLion

41. OppLoans

42. CashNetUSA

43. MaxLend

44. Check Into Cash

45. TitleMax

46. LoanMart

47. Carvana

48. myAutoloan.com

49. TrueCar

50. LendingTree

We are still finding RBI BANNED LOAN APP LIST if you know some apps then you can comment.

What is a fake loan app?

Fake loan apps are apps that are created only to collect the data of users. They do not provide loans instead they only waste our time.

Most of the fake loan apps are not available on the play store or AppStore. They are promoted by some social media influencers.

Most of the time influencers do not know the reality of the app. Because these apps provide loans to some users and most of the time they just collect data.

In order to identify whether these apps are real or fake please read the following paragraph.

How to identify fake loan apps?

Most of the time scam apps are identified earlier but some apps give loans to some users and by reading reviews of those users we decided to try that app.

But following are the points from which you can identify which loan app is real and which is fake:

  1. The loan app asks for high processing fees.
  2. App asking for extra payment before crediting the loan into your bank account.
  3. Requesting money in UPI/ Phone pay.

Now let’s see points before trying to take a loan from personal loan apps:

  1. Make sure the app is available on the play store. If it is provided by or downloaded from the website then do not fill in personal information.
  2. Read reviews on trusted websites or blogs.
  3. Watch reviews of genuine youtube channels.
  4. Check terms and conditions.
  5. Check about the section on that loan provider.
  6. Check whether it is RBI registered or not.
  7. Read the reviews on the play store.
  8. Check the rating on playstore.

RBI registered loan app list

There are many apps which are providing the best service in the online personal loan sector. But because of fake apps, they are not trusted.

So we have provided a list of real personal loan apps through which you can take a personal loan.

Here is a list of real personal loan apps

Ways to protect from fake loan apps?

we should also know the ways to protect our important data from these fake loan app providers. Check the following list to protect our data from fake loan apps:

  1. Research that app before applying for a loan.
  2. If you have some doubt or the app is claiming 0% interest then do not provide personal information.
  3. Do not share top except asked when to log in.


Are online apps real?

Yes, most online loan apps are real.

Should I provide my personal information to loan apps?

Yes, for security reasons these apps ask you for documents but see reviews on youtube and fiance blogs to check whether the app Is real or fake.


I hope that you got a list of most of the fake personal loan apps which are banned by RBI. ( RBI BANNED LOAN APP LIST ) If you have installed or your is thinking to take online personal loan apps then you can share this RBI BANNED LOAN APP LIST with him and save him time.

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