5 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10: 2022

Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10: If you are looking for a stock that gives monthly dividends then you are in the right place.

Everyone wants to invest in the stock market but choosing the right stock to invest in is very confusing.

People invest in stocks because of multiple reasons. Some invest in the stock market for investment, some invest to grow wealth, etc

If your goal is not from the above points then you have visited this post to get a monthly passive income source.

So here is a list of stocks that gives monthly dividend:

List Of Monthly Dividend Stocks | What shares give dividends monthly?

  1. EPR Properties
  2. Agree Realty
  3. Gladstone Commercial Corporation
  4. LTC Properties
  5. Pembina Pipeline
  6. Realty Income
  7. SL Green
  8. STAG Industrial

EPR Properties:

List Of Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $5, $ 10

  1. Annaly Capital Management Inc.
  2. Chimera Investment Corp. 
  3. Equitrans Midstream Corp.
  4. Itaú Unibanco Holding SA
  5. Prospect Capital Corp.
  6. UWM Holdings Corp.
  7. Yamana Gold Inc.

Top 5 dividend-paying stocks last 10 years


Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10


What are best monthly dividend stocks?

Annaly Capital Management Inc. ,Chimera Investment Corp.  ,Equitrans Midstream Corp. are some stocks that gives monthly dividend.


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