How to start automated crypto trading | How to do crypto bot trading

Do you want to start crypto trading with minimum risk? Are you looking for the best-automated crypto platforms? Do you want to automate your crypto investing? Are you looking for a way to help you earn from crypto with minimum risk?

Then in this blog post, we will see how to start automated crypto trading in detail? Also, answers to some faqs are provided here…

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What is crypto trading? And what are its advantages?

Trading crypto coins like Bitcoin, USDT, Etherium, etc is known as crypto trading. Trading crypto is a trendy way to make a passive income nowadays.

Everyone wants to earn money through passive income, if you are among them then crypto trading can be the best option for you. People are making thousands of dollars monthly with the help of crypto trading.

If you want to know more ways to earn from crypto then you can visit the following methods for free:

There are many advantages of crypto trading as well as it is said that crypto is the future of currency. Many countries have officially declared crypto as a legal tender.

Here are some advantages of crypto & crypto trading:

  • It is decentralized.
  • Trading or investing is the best way of passive income.
  • It gives higher returns as compared to other investments.
  • You can mine crypto at a professional level and earn a good income.

What are the disadvantages of crypto trading and how can we solve them?

With vast advantages, crypto trading or crypto investing comes with little problem. There is one minor problem to earn from crypto but it matters a lot. But don’t worry I have a solution to that problem.

Now you have all resources for the trading crypto-like crypto trading apps, and investments ( small or big ). But how to trade? Buying crypto coins is as easy as buying anything from amazon.

To get profit from every trade you need good experience that beginners don’t. That’s why they have to face losses. To avoid these losses you need to take the support of experts ( comes in copy trading ) or Robots ( comes under bot, automated trading ).

So now what is Bot trading? Let’s learn what is bot trading in detail!

What is BOT trading / What is automated crypto trading?

In simple words trading ( Buying or Selling ) Crypto coins with the help of robots or AI-based bots are known as Bot trading. In bot trading, you do not need to do technical analysis or invest time in learning techniques like this.

Just you have to connect the bot to your wallet which is 100% safe and your work is done. You can earn good profits with the help of this method. There are many bots available in the market that have many features.

Free bots have fewer features as compared to premium bots. In premium bots, you get higher returns and your loss ratio is also low. Premium bot has future like entry time, Loss limit, Maximum profit, multiple notifications, market tracking, scheduler, etc

Now let’s see how you can bot trading in detail.

How to start bot trading?

It is very easy to start bot trading. You don’t need to learn a lot. Just follow the following steps. And your work is done!

Step1: Find the best trading bot.

There are many online platforms that allow you to use their bots. Some are free with good features and some are premium. You can also make your own bot from the developer.

Here are some free as well as premium crypto bots available online:

Free Bots Premium Bots
Crypto trading platforms ( automated )

Step2: Open an account on any crypto trading platform in this article we are going with the Binance crypto trading app.

Step3: Now go to 3commas and open your free account.

Step4: Now watch complete video tutorials on how to connect finance to 3commas and how to implement strategies from the below videos

Advantages of bot trading?

There are many advantages of a crypto trading bot. With the help of crypto trading or crypto bot, you can minimize the risk of losing money. Here is a list of other advantages of bot trading:

  • No need to check the graph multiple times.
  • Automated entry & exist time in the market.
  • You can fix profit as well as loss percent.
  • No need to learn technical analysis.
  • 24/7 open.
  • No emotional errors.
  • Multiple trading strategies.

Alternatives of bot trading?

Automated or bot trading is one of the best options for earning through crypto or trading. In this method, you can get more profit as compared to manual trading and you do need to invest your time to learn different techniques of trading.

Apart from these you can start copy trading, crypto arbitrage, crypto mining, crypto lending, etc, and earn from trading and crypto.

Faqs on bot trading

Is bot trading safe?

Yes, Bot trading is safe. & Helps to reduce emotional errors.

Which is the best platform to start automated trading?

You can go with 3commas which is a free platform to start automated trading.

Can we make our own crypto trading bot?

Yes, you can make your own crypto trading bot from the developer which can give you more options of trading.

Conclusion on bot trading

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