5+ Best Crypto Apps In India 2022

Are you looking for the best crypto trading apps in India? Do you want to know which crypto app takes the minimum crypto transaction charge? Are you interested in crypto but don’t know which app will be best to start crypto?

If you want the answers to the above questions, then this blog post is for you. Friends we provide information on finance so if you are interested you can follow our blog

No without wasting let’s start with our blog post. Nowadays cryptocurrencies are one of the popular ways to invest your money. Because it gives you money faster and it is very easy to trade in crypto. Crypto trading is not easy because of some apps that I am going to tell you about in this blog post.

5+ Best Crypto Apps For everyone ( Beginner and advanced user )

There are many apps on the internet that give you the best crypto trading environment. I have mentioned these apps according to ranking so that you can identify which app is best for you.

If you want to go with these apps then you need to complet KYC and other id verifications.

1) CoinSwitch kuber

If you are from India and want to start cryptocurrency trading then CoinSwitch kuber is a very good crypto trading platform for you. CoinSwitch kuber is India’s very popular crypto trading platform.

You will get good customer support and good knowledge of crypto-coins on their blog. If you want to go with this platform you need to sign up on the CoinSwitch kuber website and complete KYC and start earning money with cryptocurrency trading. Here are some more details of the CoinSwitch Kuber application:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://coinswitch.co/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition Feescheck
Coinswitch review

2) WazirX

WaxirX is also one of India’s popular crypto trading platforms. So if you want to trade crypto coins from India then it is a very good option for you. As it provides good customer support as well as good knowledge for beginners.

WazirX is a free application available for both Android and Mac users. WazirX charges only 0.20% fees on the trade value. WazirX has more than 10 Million users from India. It shows that Wazirx is a very trustworthy and reliable crypto app in India. Here are some more details of waxirX:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://wazirx.com/
Refer & Earn Yes
Transition FeesCheck
WazirX Review

3) Unocoin

Unocoin is a free application available for both android and mac users. Unocoin is India’s oldest crypto exchange platform. It has done more than 10 Million crypto transitions which is a huge achievement in the crypto platform.

One of the good features of Uocoin is it allows you to automate trade with API. With these features, Unocoin is a very popular and useful crypto trading platform in India. So if you are a beginner as well as an advanced user then you can go with Unicorn. Here are some other features of Unocoin:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://unocoin.com/in/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition FeesCheck
Unocoin review

4) ZebPay

ZebPay is a free app for both Android as well as Apple users. It is also one of the oldest crypto trading platforms launched in 2014. zebPay says or claims to complete more than transitions worth 10 billion. It shows that it is a very safe crypto app for trading and transitioning crypto.

There is almost all crypto coin available in the web pay app. Here are some other features of the Unocoin app.

App Linkgo
Website Linkhttps://zebpay.com/in/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition Feescheck
zebpay review

5) CoinDCX

coinDCX is a free crypto trading platform for both androids as well as Apple users. It is a newly launched crypto trading app in 2018. Though it is launched in 2018 in a very short time it has become very popular in India.

With more than 10 Million active users it is India’s very popular, user-friendly as well as a best crypto trading app for beginner and advanced users. Some other features of co index app are as follows:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://coindcx.com/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition FeesCheck
CoinDCX review

6) Krypto

This crypto trading platfrom which is free and available for both android as well as apple users is not only popular in India but also have good popularity in more than 130+ countries.

It is very user friendly and has almost all cryptocoins in it. It also have low transition fees. Some morefeatures of this app are as follows:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://www.letskrypto.com/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition FeesCheck
Krypto review

7) BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin is another very impressive as well as very popular app in India. It was launced in India on 2017. It is very secure crypto trading app available for both apple and android users.

You can also refer your freind and earn some rewards. It has more than 1million users. And completed , traded cryptocoins of worth more than 800 Million. Some other features of BuyUcoin are as follows:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://www.buyucoin.com/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition Feescheck
BuyUcoin review

8) Bitbns

Bitbns is one of the popular crypto coin excahneg platform which was founded on 2017. Speciilay if you are beginner then you can Bitbns. It has good customer support as well as good knowldgefull blog.

Here are som other features of Bitbns:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://bitbns.com/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition FeesCheck
Bitbns app review

9) Colodax

colodax is crypto pltform with good user base. It was founded in 2017. It provides fast transition speed. It has its own custome trading engine. It also has its offline office. Here are some other features of colodax:

App LinkGo
Website Linkhttps://colodax.com/
REfer & EarnYes
Transition FeesCheck
Colodax app review

Why do you need these crypto apps?

There are many reasons to use these apps. The first reason is that These apps not only help you to buy cryptocurrencies but also to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies smartly.

All the above apps that are mentioned here provide you the facility of crypto buying and selling at a low price and also provide you information on different crypto coins.

How to Choose the Best Crypto App for You?

If you want to find the best crypto app for you, then you need to focus on only two points these points are

1) Transaction fees and 2) User Interface.

If an app has these features then you can go with these apps and start your crypto journey.

Faqs on crypto trading apps

Can we pay from India for these apps?

Some apps that I mentioned are UPI-friendly. So that you can use these apps from India.

How to contact these crypto apps?

I have provided the contact information of all crypto apps that i mentioned here.

Can I get a refund from these apps?

Yes, you can get a refund from these apps.


I hope that you understand all information on these apps. If you like this blog post then you can share this with your friends who are thinking or interested in crypto trading.

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